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02/25/2018 - 02/25/2018
UK COD2 [ICSL] Server 1
UK COD4 [ICSL] Server 1
UK COD4 [ICSL] Server 2
USA COD2 [ICSL] Server 2
USA COD4 [ICSL] Server 1

Sitemap of International Cyber Snipe League

cat1 Advertising
deny Calendar
cat1 Content
cat1 Docs
cat1 Donations
deny Downloads
 cat3 Call of Duty 5
     cat2 Maps
         cat Backwoods
         cat Forest
         cat ICSL Dream
         cat Chi
         cat Farm
         cat Gloomy Moor
         cat Ghost Town
         cat Trenches
         cat Convoy
         cat Castle
 cat3 Call of Duty 1
     cat2 Maps
         cat ISS Camp Village
         cat ISS Iron Hill
         cat ICSL The Day Before
         cat ICSL Islands V2
         cat ICSL River Defence
         cat ICSL Fjord Camp
         cat Village
         cat ICSL Winter Frontline
         cat ICSL Cold Moments
         cat ICSL Church Islands Final
 cat3 Call of Duty 2
     cat2 Maps
         cat SPS Alcatraz
         cat SPS Valle De Leire
         cat River
         cat ICSL Fjord Camp
         cat SPS Devils Cliff
         cat ICSL Suez Final
         cat ICSL Valley
         cat ICSL Village
         cat Freeport
         cat Islands
 cat3 Call of Duty 4
     cat2 Maps
         cat Ruins
         cat Freeport
         cat MHZ The Docks
         cat Marialva
         cat Horsell Common
         cat Sniperwood
         cat The Pass
         cat Cemetery
         cat Village Snipe
         cat Village
 cat3 Utilities
     cat2 PunkBuster Update
         cat PunkBuster Update
     cat2 QTracker
         cat QTracker
     cat2 Teamspeak
         cat TeamSpeak 3 Client
         cat Teamspeak 2 Client
cat1 Evo UserBlock
cat1 FAQ
cat1 Feedback
cat1 Forums
 cat3 General
     cat2 News (Latest Developments)
         cat Is that a Christmas Free for all I see on COD2?
         cat Update Discord and COD4 USA server
         cat Matches and Vacation
         cat New Stats Guys
         cat SEASON 11 Ready Up OPEN
         cat MERRY CHRISTMAS!
         cat UPDATE! Season end 6th June
         cat Season 10 Fees
         cat WST request urgent response please
         cat Season 9 Awards
     cat2 General (Whatever--Except Whining)
         cat Hello and Help
         cat Any Ideas
         cat Security Team
         cat 1st match of 2017 is underway!
         cat Hi all, it's been awhile...
         cat the new season???
         cat Any COD2 players want to join us?
         cat CoD and Windows 10
         cat Friendly Matches
     cat2 Cyber Snipe Community
         cat COD4 Servers
         cat Black Ops 3 - No Cross Sniper
         cat Calling all CoD2 Snipers
         cat In Memory of Snake
     cat2 Team Server Listing
         cat ={FMJ}=FullMetalJacket Servers
     cat2 Polls
 cat3 Teams and League
     cat2 2015 Season 10 Registration
         cat COD 2 and 4 Season 10 Registration
         cat COD 2 Season 10 Registration
         cat Season 10 Registration
     cat2 Need A New Player?
         cat {WES} Looking for a player.
     cat2 Forming an [ICSL] Team?
     cat2 Want to Join an [ICSL] Team?
     cat2 Server Booking Errors
         cat {UHS} vs{HKS}- December 10th - 8-10pm GMT
         cat POST Server Booking Errors and Correction Requests HERE
     cat2 Team Ready Up - COD2
         cat {UHS} Season 11 Ready uo
         cat {WES} Season 11 Ready up
         cat =CS= Season 11 Ready up
         cat <RTT> Ready Up Season 11
         cat {SAW}{ Ready Up Season 11
         cat {TWP} Season 11 Ready Up
     cat2 Tournament Sniper Matches COD2 (Challenges)
         cat {TWP} Open Challenge - Sun 2/4 - 7pm GMT
         cat {TWP} v {SAW} - Sun Jan 14 - 7pm GMT - ACCEPTED
         cat {UHS} v CS- January 14th 8 pm-10 pm GMT - ACCEPTED
         cat {UHS} vs{TWP}- January 7th - 8-10pm GMT
         cat {UHS} vs {WES} 17th December 8pm GMT
         cat =CS= vs. ??? Dec 17th 2017 6-8pm GMT
         cat {WES} vs ...? 10 December 6-8 or 8-10 PM
         cat {WES} vs TWP Dec 3 Sunday ACCEPTED
         cat UHS vs WES CoD2 Sun Nov 12 7gmt
         cat {WES} vs =CS= Sun 03 September 07-09 PM GMT [Accepted]
     cat2 Tournament Match Results COD2 (Scores)
         cat {TWP} v =CS= Feb 11, 2018 - 6:30pm
         cat SAW vs TWP 1/21/18 (R1 COMPLETE)
         cat {UHS} vs. =CS= 14.01.2018
         cat {UHS} vs{TWP}- 7/1/2018 (R1 COMPLETE)
         cat {WES} vs {TWP} 3/12/2017 (R1 COMPLETE)
         cat {WES} vs {UHS} 12/11/2017 (R2 COMPLETE)
         cat {WES} vs =CS= 3.9.2017 (R1 COMPLETE)
         cat {WES} vs {UHS} 20 August 2017 (R1 COMPLETE)
         cat {SAW}/{UHS}; 7/30/17 (R1 COMPLETE)
         cat FORMAT for posting here
     cat2 Team Ready Up - COD4
         cat un-readied players.
         cat {UHS} Season 11 Ready uo
         cat (HKS) season 11 ready up
         cat {WES} Season 11 Ready up
         cat =CS= Season 11 Ready up
         cat [WAS] READY UP Season 11
         cat {SAW} Ready Up Season 11
         cat ={FMJ}= Season 11 Ready-up
         cat {TWP} Season 11 Ready Up
     cat2 Tournament Sniper Matches COD4 (Challenges)
         cat hks vs ? march 4th
         cat SAW Open Chanllenge 2/18 6 pm gmt
         cat 18th Feb WES challenge 8pm GMT
         cat {UHS} vs{SAW}- February 4th - 8-10pm GMT
         cat =CS= vs. ??? Jan 28th, 6-8pm GMT, open challenge
         cat 21st Jan Open challenge 8pm GMT FMJ if possible
         cat HKS Open Challenge 01/07/2018 6-8 pm gmt
         cat SAW Open Chanllenge 12/17 6 pm gmt
         cat SAW-vs-FMJ? 6pm gmt?
         cat {UHS} vs{HKS}- January 28th - 8-10pm GMT
     cat2 Tournament Match Results COD4 (Scores)
         cat {TWP} / {WAS} - 0218/18 - 7-9pm GMT
         cat =CS= vs WAS 28/1/2018 R2
         cat {UHS} vs{HKS}- January 28th - 8-10pm GMT
         cat SAW vs UHS
         cat SAW-vs-TWP 10/12/2017 (R1 COMPLETE)
         cat WAS-UHS 03/12/2017 (R2 COMPLETE)
         cat SAW vs CS 12/3/2017 (R1 COMPLETE)
         cat TWP-UHS 26/11/2017 (R1 COMPLETE)
         cat {WES} vs {FMJ} 26/11/2017 (R1 COMPLETE)
         cat =CS= vs. TWP 19/11/2017 (R1 COMPLETE)
 cat3 [ICSL] CUP 2015
     cat2 [ICSL] CUP 2015 NEWS
     cat2 {MASS}Krisse Memorial Cup Sniper matches COD2 (Challenges)
         cat WES vs CS FInal Cup match Sunday May 15 -6gmt ACCEPTED
         cat WES looking for next team in CUP match
     cat2 {OsC}Maria Memorial Cup Sniper matches COD4 (Challenges)
         cat =CS= vs SAW June 5th, 5-7pm GMT
         cat FMJ Looking for WES Cup Final. 27.04.16 7pm gmt
         cat =CS= vs. WES, Apr , 7-9pm GMT
     cat2 {MASS}Krisse Memorial Cup Match Results COD2 (Scores)
         cat WES vs CS FInal Cup match Sunday May 15 -6gmt
         cat Format For Posting
     cat2 {OsC}Maria Memorial Cup Match Results COD4 (Scores)
         cat CS vs SAW 05-06-2016 CUP 3th place
         cat Cup Final; WES v's FMJ 01.05.16
         cat {WES} vs =CS= 17 April 2016 6 - 8 PM
         cat SAW v FMJ Cup match 10.04.16
 cat3 Committee
     cat2 Charter and Regulations Changes(Viewing ONLY)
         cat [ICSL] Charter & [ICSL] Regulations
     cat2 Committee Announcements (Viewing ONLY)
         cat Current map rotations
         cat ICSL Bans
         cat Suspension
         cat Recent allegations by an ICSL player
         cat Big News for Season 08/09
         cat ICSL Structure changes.
     cat2 Committee Forum (Viewing ONLY)
     cat2 Committee Requests/Grievances
     cat2 Membership Voting
         cat Season 6 Committee Nominations(CLOSED)
 cat3 Security
     cat2 Security Team
         cat Inter team problems...
         cat New Security System Activated!!
         cat Requested team/player information!
         cat To ALL TeamCaptains
 cat3 Appeals Board
     cat2 Appeals Board Requests
 cat3 Map Development
     cat2 [ICSL] Map Room
 cat3 Technical Support
     cat2 Registration Problems
     cat2 Teamspeak Instructions
         cat ICSL TeamSpeak
     cat2 Tech Questions and Problems
         cat ShoutBox
         cat Please read all!
 cat3 Artwork Department
     cat2 General Discussion
 cat3 [ICSL] Archives
     cat2 League/Individual Winners
         cat ICSL Call of Duty 2 Champions 2011/12
         cat ICSL Call of Duty Champions 2010/11
         cat ICSL Call of Duty 5 Champions 2010/11
         cat ICSL Call of Duty 4 Champions 2010/11
         cat ICSL Call of Duty 2 Champions 2010/11
         cat ICSL COD4 Champions 09/10
         cat ICSL COD1 Champions 09/10
         cat ICSL COD2 Champions 09/10
         cat ICSL COD5 Champions 09/10
     cat2 Team Ready Up - COD
     cat2 Team Ready Up - COD5
     cat2 Tournament Match Results COD (Scores)
         cat FORMAT for posting here
     cat2 Tournament Sniper Matches COD (Challenges)
         cat Use format in subject lines
     cat2 Tournament Sniper Matches COD5 (Challenges)
     cat2 Cup Winners
     cat2 Tournament Match Results COD5 (Scores)
         cat FORMAT for Posting Scores
     cat2 All Star Nights
         cat ICSL Call of Duty 5 All Star Night 2011/12
         cat ICSL Call of Duty 2 All Star Night 2011/12
         cat ICSL Call of Duty 4 All Star Night 2011/12
         cat COD5 All Star Night Season 5 - 21/11/10
         cat COD2 All Star Night Season 5 -- 21/11/10
         cat COD4 All Star Night Season 5 -- 14/11/10
         cat COD1 All Star Night Season 5 -- 14/11/10
     cat2 Awards
         cat Season 6 Awards
cat1 Groups
cat1 Member Map
cat1 Members List
     cat2 TheFrisian
     cat2 ={FMJ}=Striker
     cat2 GunOil
     cat2 BTNBiscuit
     cat2 ={FMJ}=Smiley
cat1 News
cat1 NukeSentinel
cat1 NukeWrap
cat1 Private Messages
cat1 Profile
cat1 Recommend Us
cat1 Reviews
deny Score Reader
cat1 Search
cat1 Shout Box
cat1 Site Map
cat1 Spambot Killer
cat1 Statistics
cat1 Stories Archive
cat1 Submit News
cat1 Supporters
cat1 Surveys
cat1 Top 10
cat1 Topics
     cat2 news/info relating to Call of Duty
cat1 Web Links
 cat2 Sniper Teams
cat1 XFire
cat1 XFire Submit
cat1 Your Account


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