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Shout Box History
BBKWOLF: come on icsl 11
14-07-2017 1:32:pm
Milky: 1st match is underway! WUHUUU!!
25-06-2017 2:55:pm
Milky: Cmon men! lets get some booking and shooting going!
07-06-2017 5:22:am
Streetdoc: Are we going to start soon
05-06-2017 12:19:pm
=CS=Greenfox: What do we waiting for? We going to start or not?
26-05-2017 2:38:pm
Rilla: Whats the latest on new season start dates? Anyone know?
19-04-2017 5:44:pm
=CS=SirJoe: lol greenfox..but thxs...
03-04-2017 1:52:pm
=CS=Greenfox: Come back to our team and you'll get your snipe. If not then you will be my next target soon.
03-04-2017 11:58:am
=CS=SirJoe: hi guys..am looking for a snipe for 2017 any takers..
03-04-2017 11:35:am
QuadsDad: Information on Season11 is in the forum. Please check it out.
12-03-2017 10:11:am
=CS=un_Dutch_able: Hi all, I was wondering if there are any updates about the upcoming ICSL season? Hope you all are doing well!
17-02-2017 5:07:pm
TCA-Triggerhappy: Hi Gents,Looking to get back in the swing of things but need practice. Anyone got any IP adresses for servers. Cod4 sniper.
28-01-2017 8:10:am
SAW-ContractKiller: Condolances to his and ICSL family
12-01-2017 3:24:pm
=CS=CallofFate: Happy New Year to all, with health and happiness.
31-12-2016 5:03:pm
|50cent|Disco_Stu: moin moin
23-10-2016 11:03:am
|50Cent|CingoM@ni@k: hello buddys nice to see you again ^^
20-10-2016 12:34:pm
17-07-2016 7:30:am
17-07-2016 7:30:am
{WST}ADENAUER: hallo,,what is now withthe league-table-score
10-07-2016 2:25:pm
{WST}Fish: Ugh, am I one of the remaining few that remember Haribo, Daywalker, PurPle Hayz, Clive Sniper, UST stumpy and the rest? Mr C, Mrs C? Jr, ASP? SPS? The originals? People who made sniping sniping?Just wondering........Fish
04-07-2016 10:02:am
Rilla: anyone know who won the league this year?
20-06-2016 5:37:am
{WST}Fish: Let me first say my condolences on the passing of Livewire, hard to believe it when we actually lose people we know. I will post in the general. I have a lot of catching up to do.
12-05-2016 11:16:am
Rilla: I know its a mission, but any chance we could get stats updated so we know where we are at league wise?, thanks
12-05-2016 3:00:am
Rock2zep: Will there be a season 11???
24-04-2016 8:49:am
=Smiley=: I never knew him but RIP.
16-01-2016 5:35:am
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