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02/25/2018 - 02/25/2018
UK COD2 [ICSL] Server 1
UK COD4 [ICSL] Server 1
UK COD4 [ICSL] Server 2
USA COD2 [ICSL] Server 2
USA COD4 [ICSL] Server 1

How to Join [ICSL]

How To Join [ICSL]

International Cyber Snipe League

How To Join [ICSL]


1. To form a new team, go to >>>Forming a New [ICSL] Team<<< and let us know.
2. To join a existing team you need to go to >>>Want to Join an [ICSL] Team ? <<< to apply.
3. If your team needs more players you can go to >>>Need a New Player ?<<< to make a request.

Please Note : 
ALL players of the League must register on the [ICSL] forum and submit their security information to the [ICSL].No player will be allowed to participate in a match until all requested information has been submitted to the  [ICSL]  and that information is verified and approved.

From each player we require the following :
[ICSL] Team name
Your nickname

From each Team Captains we require the following :
Rank of own team/clan (admin, mapper, modder etc)
email address
Provide an accurate key to the all names, team/clan/nick etc.
Upper/lower case letters and colours.

This information will be absolutely confidential and will only be used by the [ICSL] and it's staff. Send this information to >>>[ICSL]Security email<<<

How to get your GUID:
Go to the console by pressing the '~' key. If this does not work, go into your multiplayer options and click 'enable console'. Next, type '/pb_myguid' and press enter. It will then tell you your GUID.


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