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International Cyber Snipe League

[ICSL] Charter

The International Cyber Snipe League, [ICSL], is an international democratic institution that represents the interests of the many and diverse on-line snipe teams and clans and their players in the international gaming community. This charter will serve as a document through which conflicts between players and teams or clans may be equitably, justly, and fairly decided and settled. While the primary function of the [ICSL] is to establish, maintain, and regulate tournament matches, the League may also evolve, with the consent and guidance of its members, into an organization capable of resolving conflicts and disputes between players, teams, and clans that go beyond tournament play, even if the [ICSL]’s specific jurisdiction is limited to [ICSL] tournament play. The [ICSL] is an international organization that promotes integrity, sportsmanship, honor, and skill; the [ICSL] welcomes players from all nations, all teams, and all clans.



Article 1:The Rights of the Members

Clause 1: The [ICSL] Board nor the Committee will in any form discriminate or act in a prejudicial manner, or pass by-laws or regulations where this is the effect, toward any player in terms of national origin, political views, gender, sexual preference, economic class, level of education, or religious beliefs

Clause 2: The [ICSL] Teams will not in any form discriminate or act in a prejudicial manner, or act in a way where this is the effect, toward any player in terms of national origin, political views, gender, sexual preference, economic class, level of education, or religious beliefs. Teams may recruit players according to any legitimate criteria that they may choose which does not violate this prohibition on discrimination. Recruiting by invitation only, based on any criteria, is legitimate, but removing a player from a team once he or she is a team member may not be done if the reason violates Article 1 Clause 1.

Clause 3: The free speech of [ICSL] members shall not be regulated or restricted except in the following areas. Racist or bigoted language—or language that violates Article1/Clause 1, either in the [ICSL] forum or in the in-game text-messaging will be prohibited; such use of language requires the severest penalty of the [ICSL] Committee. Racist or bigoted language is understood to be not merely language, but is itself a discriminatory action. However, this regulation only applies to [ICSL] forums and in-game text-messages, and not to other forums or other non-[ICSL] game servers.

Clause 4: [ICSL] members are free to engage in any discussion on the [ICSL] forum that does not violate Article 1/Clause 3, except that [ICSL] members may not post on the: “[ICSL] Committee Forum (Public Viewing),” as this section is reserved for Committee discussion and voting; however, the members may view this section and comment upon it if they wish in the other sections of the forum. [ICSL] Advisory Council members may post on the “[ICSL] Committee Forum (Public Viewing)” section.

Clause 5: All [ICSL] members have the right to confront their accusers, refute the evidence against them, and present a defence before the [ICSL] Committee; this defence will be made at a closed Committee hearing, with only Committee members, Security Team Members, Appeals Board Members, the League member or members under indictment, and one advocate for the defendant. This hearing will happen within a reasonable time after the Committee has judged the case. While the [ICSL] Committee has the power to adjudicate in all matters of tournament play, within the limits of the [ICSL] Regulations, all members have the right of due process and also the right of appeal. The [ICSL] Appeals Board is the only legitimate appealing body with [ICSL] authority.


Article 2: [ICSL] Organization

Section 1: [ICSL] Board

Clause 1:  All policy making powers, which will include amending this document, will be vested in the [ICSL] Board, which shall consist of six permanent members, Lefty (President), CrazyDiamond, Quadsdad, {UHS} Stumpy, Juice and Singleshot.

Section 2: [ICSL] Committee

Clause 1: All legislative powers will be vested in the [ICSL] Committee, which shall consist of seven members, 3 permanent members from the Board, 1 permanent Committee Member {GF}OldWiseGuy, and 3 elected members. One of these members will be chosen by the Committee to act as the League Commissioner.

Clause 2: The [ICSL] Commissioner does not have executive powers greater than any other Committee member, but rather organizes and focuses the efforts of the Committee and develops consensuses among the Committee members on votes. He or she does, however, have the prerogative to set an agenda in terms of what work the Committee will focus on or attempt to accomplish. The Commissioner’s primary responsibility is the promotion of the league, i.e. recruiting new teams and players and promoting the league to a wider audience.

Clause 3: Elected Committee Members serve one season, but the Commissioner serves two seasons, which will provide continuity for the Committee. The Commissioner can stand for re-election in the second season if they so wish and for as many seasons after that if they so wish.

Section 3: [ICSL] Committee Elections

Clause 1: The [ICSL] Committee will be elected by [ICSL] members.

Clause 2: Committee candidates must first be nominated prior to entering the committee elections.

Clause 3: No team or clan may have more than one member elected onto the [ICSL] Committee; however, teams and clans may have more than one candidate in the election, with the stipulation that the one acquiring the most votes will serve and the other(s) will not. This clause is referring to both [ICSL] teams and ordinary Teams/clans.

Clause 4: The term of office for Elected Committee Members will be one season, except the Commissioner.

Clause 5: The Commissioner can run for re-election for that post if he/she so wishes.

Clause 6: The nomination and election process will begin at least one month before the new Committee will take office, which must be no later than the beginning of the new season.

Clause 7: The term of an Elected Committee Member is one season, but Committee members may run and consequently serve more terms if they are re-elected. There is no limit to the number of times a League member may run for the Committee in [ICSL] elections. There is no limit to the number of times that a League member may be elected to the Committee. There is no limit to the number of terms that a League member may serve on the Committee as an elected member.

Clause 8: In order to be considered for nomination for Committee membership, a player must be an [ICSL] member in good standing. Any player may nominate any [ICSL] player, who is in good standing, for election. Players must officially accept the nomination to be on the ballot. Also, players may nominate themselves for the election and run for the Committee. The nominees may post their campaign platforms, views, and pledges on the [ICSL] forum in the “[ICSL] Committee Campaign Forum” section.

Clause 9: In order for a player to nominate or vote for a Committee member, a player must be an [ICSL] member in good standing.

Clause 10: If a member of the Committee is unable to serve, then the Committee appoints a member of the Advisory Council to become a Committee member. The Committee is to have seven members at all times and all Committee members must vote in all Committee votes. Replacement of a Committee member who cannot serve must be done in a timely fashion. The remaining Committee members may conduct the process of selecting an Advisory Council member in any way they deem fit.

Clause 11: A member must have participated in at least 20% of the matches in order to be able to vote in an [ICSL] election for Committee members.

Section 4: Legislative Power

Clause 1: The [ICSL] Committee, in consultation with the [ICSL] Board, will have the power to create news rules or by-laws, change existing rules or by-laws, and eliminate existing rules or by-laws, which compose the [ICSL] Regulations. All changes to the [ICSL] Regulations must be announced publicly. Committee votes on rule or by-law changes, additions, or amendments, or judicial punishments or dispensations of Security cases require at least a six to one vote to pass; permanent global bans require a unanimous seven to zero vote. Discussion, debate, and comprise may continue after a failed vote and a vote may be repeated in seeking a consensus.

Clause 2: All [ICSL] Committee members must be notified of a vote at least 48 hours before the vote is taken. All Committee members must vote in all Committee votes. All Committee members must inform the whole Committee if he or she will be unavailable for any period of time more than one week.

Clause 3: Only [ICSL] Committee members may vote in a Committee election.

Clause 4: In order for a vote to be called at least one Committee member must call for a vote and at least one other must second that call for a vote.


Article 3: [ICSL] Advisory Council


Clause 1: The [ICSL] Advisory Council is an indeterminate number of members who are the Committee members from the previous season or are appointed by the Committee.

Clause 2: The [ICSL] Advisory Council may participate in [ICSL] Committee discussions and debates, but they may not vote on any issue.

Clause 3: The [ICSL] Advisory Council cannot call for a vote or propose changes, revisions, or new [ICSL] by-laws, rules, or regulations. However, the [ICSL] Advisory Council may work through a Committee member who sponsors the proposal; the Committee member must be the person to call for a vote or propose changes, revisions, or new [ICSL] by-laws, rules, or regulations.

Clause 4: The [ICSL] Advisory Council may post on the [ICSL] Committee forum section, which is reserved for the Committee, and which excludes public posting: “[ICSL] Committee Forum (Public Viewing).” All [ICSL] members and the public may view this forum section, but may not post there.

Clause 5: Advisory Council members may not be on both the [ICSL] Committee and the Council simultaneously.


Article 4: [ICSL] Security Team

Section 1: Organization

Clause 1: The Mission of the [ICSL] Security Team and its Officers is to provide for all registered players, and the [ICSL] as a whole, an environment to compete free from computer cheating and hacking. The [ICSL] Security Team is an investigative body only. After gathering information and evidence, the [ICSL]/ST will present their case to the [ICSL] Committee, who will determine what action if any will be taken. The [ICSL] Security Team will thoroughly investigate any and all allegations of illegal activity to the utmost of their abilities.

Clause 2: The [ICSL] Security Team may not issue any punishment to any player for any reason. No [ICSL] Security Team member may remove a player from a match or contact any player during a match.

Clause 3: The [ICSL] Security Team may require as a necessity of [ICSL] membership, player information, including, but not limited to, GUID and IP numbers, and any other information that is related to game play.

Clause 4: No [ICSL] Security Team member may seek any information that violates Article 1/Clause 1.

Clause 5: The [ICSL] Security Team may maintain files on [ICSL] players and keep such files confidential and secret. Only the [ICSL] Security Team and the [ICSL] Board may have access to these. The [ICSL] Security Team must at all times conduct itself in an unbiased and non-prejudicial manner concerning all [ICSL] matters.

Clause 6: The Security Team is an entity in itself, and will not be affiliated with any other Groups, Teams or Committees. Security Team Officers, who are also Registered Team Players, are exempt as long as their duties of Security Officer(s) and position as a player during the execution of a Match are kept separate. A Security Team Officer is either in / at a match to act in his or her capacity as a Member of the Security Team, or, as a Member of a Registered Team, which is in the performance of a scheduled Tournament Round. He or she cannot do both. No Security Officer may spectate a team he or she is affiliated with.

Section 2: Sensitive Materials and Information

Clause 1: The Security Team is entrusted with the most sensitive materials and information of the [ICSL]. These include, but are not limited to: GUIDs, IPs, and Screen Shots.

Clause 2: It is the intention and present practice of the [ICSL] Security Team to keep this information in a secure area, away from the general public. Only Officers of the Security Team have access to this information.

Clause 3: Security Team Officers may not divulge, offer, or share any sensitive information to anyone, not even [ICSL] Committee Members, except when materials are presented to the [ICSL] Committee and Appeals Board for adjudication in a penalty case.

Clause 4: In the event that an allegation of misuse of this information is made to the Security Team, or [ICSL] Committee, or Appeals Board Member, the following steps will immediately be taken:

Paragraph a) The Security Team Officer who is the object of the allegation will be immediately suspended from his or her duties as a Security Team Officer. This suspension is pending an investigation.

Paragraph b) Said Officer will immediately be blocked from any further admittance to any area(s) where sensitive materials are stored.

Paragraph c) An investigation into the allegations will commence immediately by the remaining Security Team officers; the [ICSL] Committee will select one of its members to lead this investigation.

Paragraph d) At the completion of the investigation, the remaining Security Team Officers and the [ICSL] Committee member who is leading the investigation will submit a recommendation to the [ICSL] Committee as to whether or not there was misuse of sensitive [ICSL] materials and/or information.

Paragraph e) The Security Team will then present its findings to the [ICSL] Committee for final disposition.


Article 5: [ICSL] Appeals Board

Clause 1: The primary function of the Appeals Board is to make sure that the [ICSL] Committee has followed all of the laws, rules, and regulations of the [ICSL] Charter.

Clause 2: There is a separation of power between the Security Team and the Committee; this separation is designed to produce decisions that are not driven by passion, prejudice, or bias; the Appeals Board responsibility is to ensure that every player who is accused of hacking or cheating is treated fairly and according to the laws, rules, and regulations of the [ICSL] Charter. Hence, the Appeals Board is a player advocacy body, which has (unlike the player) official contact with the [ICSL] and access to the evidence.

Clause 3: The Appeals board may officially ask for a case to be reconsidered by the Committee based upon 1) new evidence, 2) a reinterpretation of the evidence, 3) evidence that [ICSL] laws and by-laws were not followed properly. The character and reputation of the accused may be part of the Appeals Board’s recommendation, but this must be the smallest part of the argument; the appeal must rest upon 1, 2, or 3 (stated above).

Clause 4: The Appeals Board cannot simply overrule the Committee and overturn one of its decisions. The Appeals Board can insist, even rather strongly, that a case has been incorrectly adjudicated. Hence, based upon Appeals Board recommendations, the [ICSL] Committee may choose to reverse it own previous decision or reduce its punishment or sentence; or it may find that the original decision should stand.

Clause 5: If the Committee does not reverse its decision, then it is through the Appeals Board that the player may appeal two more time: the second time to the next Committee that is elected and a third time to the Committee after that. It is through the Appeals Board that process takes place.

Clause 6: The responsibility of the Appeals Board is serious, as the Committee has a big stick: it can ask for a global perm ban from all participating clans/teams--a player could get banned from every major snipe team/clan; hence, it is necessary to have a check on that power.

Clause 7: The only appeals that can be presented before the Appeals Board are those involving [ICSL] Committee punishment of players. Any other disputes will be solely under the jurisdiction of the [ICSL] Committee.


Article 6: Punishments

Clause 1: The [ICSL] Committee is the only body in the [ICSL] that may punish players or teams or clans. However, individual [ICSL] teams may punish their own players if this process does not violate Article 1 of the [ICSL] Charter.

Clause 2: No monetary punishments may be given.

Clause 3: The punishments the [ICSL] has at its disposal range from an Official reprimand of a player, [ICSL] team, or clan or team to a permanent global ban of a player from all participating teams or clans. The Permanent Global ban is voluntary, but the [ICSL] Committee will ask all participating teams or clans to voluntarily ban a player.

Clause 4: The [ICSL] Committee may suspend a player for one or more matches or for any amount of matches up to a whole season.

Clause 5: The [ICSL] Committee may permanently ban a player or [ICSL] team from [ICSL] Tournament play.

Clause 6: All punishments may be appealed through the [ICSL] Appeals Board and according to the by-laws that regulate that Board.


Article 7: [ICSL] Technical Support

Clause 1: Technical support for the [ICSL] will be provided by the members of the Board of the [ICSL]. This support includes Game Servers, Website and Website Admin, Game Modifications, and Teamspeak.

Clause 2: The [ICSL] Committee defines [ICSL] technical requirements and requests these requirements from the Board of the [ICSL]. The Board of the [ICSL] will be the only provider of [ICSL] technical requirements unless—and only if—the Board of the [ICSL] cannot fulfil [ICSL] technical requirements; then other sources may be sought by the [ICSL] Board.


Article 8: [ICSL] Map Development Team

Clause 1: This body is appointed by the [ICSL] Committee. Any [ICSL] member may apply for a posting on the Map Development Team.

Clause 2: This body will elect a team leader, who guides and organizes the team in developing new and challenging maps for the [ICSL]; this position is called Map Development Team Coordinator.

Clause 3: This body will share material, cooperate, and work as a team on developing maps for the [ICSL].

Clause 4: Creative and technical decisions are within the authority of this body, but this group comes under the jurisdiction of the [ICSL] Committee. As this is a team of experts with special technical knowledge, the Committee will respect the creative integrity of the [ICSL] Map Development Team, but the Committee shall retain the power over what maps eventually are included in [ICSL] Tournament play.


Article 9: Championship Titles

Section 1: League Championship

Clause 1: The [ICSL] team that has accumulated the most points at the end of a season will be determined to be the winner of that season’s tournament. Winning teams will have the title of “[ICSL] Champions [year/season].” For example, the first winning team will have the title: “[ICSL] Champions 2005/2006 Season.” These teams will receive the [ICSL] Gold Medal.

Clause 2: The second place team will receive the [ICSL] Silver Medal. This team will carry the title of “[ICSL] Silver Team [year, season].”

Clause 3: The third place team will receive the [ICSL] Bronze Medal. This team will carry the title of “[ICSL] Bronze Team [year, season].”

Clause 4: The remaining teams will simply earn a numerical rank, which will apply to the following season.

Section 2: League Top Killer

Clause 1: Each season the [ICSL] will recognize the player with the most kills; this player will receive the title of “[ICSL] Gold Marksman [year/season]” and receive the “[ICSL] Gold Wreath.”

Clause2: Each season the [ICSL] will recognize the player with the 2nd most kills; this player will receive the title of “[ICSL] Silver Marksman [year/season]” and receive the “[ICSL] Silver Wreath.”

Clause 3: Each season the [ICSL] will recognize the player with the 3rd most kills; this player will receive the title of “[ICSL] Bronze Marksman [year/season]” and receive the “[ICSL] Bronze Wreath”.

Clause 4: The remaining players will simply earn a numerical rank, which will apply to the following season.

Section 3: League Top Skills

Clause 1: Each season the [ICSL] will recognize the player with the highest skills rating (kills/deaths x 2.); this player will receive the title of “[ICSL] Gold Skills [year/season]” and receive the “[ICSL] Gold Skills Wreath.”

Clause 2: Each season the [ICSL] will recognize the player with the 2nd highest skills rating (kills/deaths x 2.); this player will receive the title of “[ICSL] Silver Skills [year/season]” and receive the “[ICSL] Silver Skills Wreath.”

Clause 3: Each season the [ICSL] will recognize the player with the 3rd highest skills rating (kills/deaths x 2.); this player will receive the title of “[ICSL] Bronze Skills [year/season]” and receive the “[ICSL] Bronze Skills Wreath”.

Clause 4: The remaining players will simply earn a numerical rank, which will apply to the following season.

Section 4: League All Star Night

Clause 1: The top 20 players from the skills ratings table will be split into two teams of 10. The teams will be decided by odd and even numbers from the top down; for example team 1 will be made up with the 1st 3rd 5th and so on.

Clause 2: The teams will be named [ICSL] Red Devils and the [ICSL] White Hawks.

Clause 3: The top 2 players available from the skill rankings will be team captains for that night.

Clause 4: Two Team Deathmatch maps will be played back to back and will be scored the same way as normal league matches, the team with the most points at the end will be the winners.

Clause 5: If there is a draw after the 2 played matches then the team with the most kills will be the winners.

Clause 6: The maps will be selected via the random map selector already working on the servers.

Clause 7: The players with the greatest skill rating over the 2 maps will be the MVP for the season. The formula for working this out will be the same as the league skill rating kills/deaths x 2.


Article 10: Founding

Clause 1: The United-Snipe-Team {UST}, along with a group of {UST} regular players, founded the International Cyber Snipe League in 2005. While {UST} has no proprietary or executive claims or powers over the [ICSL], it should be known that the [ICSL] was founded by the United-Snipe-Team and a group of {UST} regular players.

Clause 2: This Charter was drafted by Lefty CrazyDiamond and Quadsdad and ratified by the First [ICSL] Committee under the Commissionership of CrazyDiamond (2005/2006 Season)


© [ICSL] 2005 All Rights Reserved

(Revised 2010)

Copyright © by International Cyber Snipe League All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2010-01-09 (8443 reads)

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