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International Cyber Snipe League

[ICSL] Regulations

The International Cyber Snipe League exists to promote and enhance a sense of community and co-operation among diverse players from all over the world. The [ICSL], as a globally supported democratic institution of sporting competition, has a mission of providing excellence of game play, responsiveness to the community of league teams, and the needs of individual league members, and open communication in a collegiate atmosphere to all players from all nations, teams, and clans. Sharing responsibility for this common mission, players, teams, and [ICSL] personnel and staff are joined in a voluntary sporting community. The philosophy that embodies these regulations is sportsmanship and fair play. These regulations were designed to promote vigorous competition and reward excellence and team work. It is the responsibility of all [ICSL] teams to understand and comply with these regulations. The [ICSL] Committee is the final interpreter of these regulations; the [ICSL] Committee is the final judge of how these regulations are to be applied.

Article 1: Scoring

The primary concern for the Committee is encouraging positive play, which we define as both teams aggressively seeking kills for most or the entire match. But the [ICSL] also wants to encourage "sniping" not fragging, so we also do not want players out there running around and trying to rack up as many kills as they can without any thought to stealth, tactics, cunning, and coordinated team work.

Clause 1: [ICSL] Rounds consist of 2 matches (2 maps); each match is 45 minutes (1 map).

Clause 2: The scoring system for tournament points is as follows. The winning team (the team with the most kills) will receive 5 tournament points. If the teams draw (same amount of kills on each team), then each team will get 1 tournament point. The losing team will get 0 tournament points for playing; however, this team may receive tournament points for kills. Each team will receive 1 tournament point for every five kills that the team makes up to 20 kills. Therefore, the maximum points for kills is 4 (1 for every 5 kills up to 20); the maximum match points is 9 (5 for the win and 4 for 20+ kills).

The maximum tournament points for a Round are 18, which is possible if a team achieved the maximum of 9 points for each of the 2 matches in the Round.

Note: it is important that [ICSL] teams understand the difference between match points and tournament points. It is through match points (ie. your Team's score for kills)  that a team earns tournament points. And it is tournament points that accumulate with each match and each round and are then tallied at the end of the season to rank teams.


Match #1: team {ABC} gets 16 kills; team {XYZ} gets 15 kills

Match #2: team {ABC} gets 9 kills; team {XYZ} gets 19 kills

Match #1 result in {ABC} receiving 5 tournament points for the win and 3 tournament points for 15+ kills, for a total of 8 tournament points. {XYZ} gets 0 tournament points for the loss, but receives 3 tournament points for their 15 kills.

Match #2 results in {XYZ} receiving 5 tournament points for the win and 3 tournament points for 15+ kills, for a total of 8 tournament points. {ABC} gets 0 tournament points for the loss, but receives 1 tournament point for their 5+ kills for a total of 1 tournament point.

The 2-match Round results are:

{ABC} receives 9 tournament points and {XYZ} receives 11 tournament points. Each team will have these tournament points added to their league total. Tournament points will accumulate over the duration of the tournament (see article 9 of the [ICSL] Charter for details on [ICSL] tournament titles and awards).

Clause 2a: If a player commits suicide for any reason during a match, the suicide will count as a death to that player and will also result in a point being awarded to the opposing team's score for that match.

Clause 2b: A skill weight factor will be applied to each team's cumulative tournament points as follows... A team's kill to death DIFFERENTIAL will be multiplied by 12.5% yielding the skill weight factor (as a percentage}. A team's tournament points will then be multiplied by this SKILL WEIGHT FACTOR to yield the teams WEIGHTED TOURNAMENT POINTS total. This will add or subtract from a team's tournament points in direct correlation to their kill to death differential.

Team A plays 40 matches, winning 28, drawing 4, losing 8. Kills=584, Deaths=489, DIFFENTIAL=145. Total Tournament Points=238. SKILL WEIGHT FACTOR=18.125% (145*12.5%). WEIGHTED TOURNAMENT POINTS=281.14 (238+238*18.125%). Team A earns an additional 43 or so points for the season as reward for its highly positive differential.

Team B plays 40 matches, winning 18, drawing 0, losing 22. Kills=883, Deaths=1036, DIFFENTIAL=-153. Total Tournament Points=218. SKILL WEIGHT FACTOR=-19.125% (-153*12.5%). WEIGHTED TOURNAMENT POINTS=176.31 (218+218*-19.125%). Team B loses 42 or so points for the season as penalty for its highly negative differential.

Clause 3: If a team withdraws or is removed from the [ICSL], then all that team's results will be removed from the league table and will effect any teams score that may have played that team, which is to make sure that all teams get the same amount of results in by the end of the season.

Clause 4: The winning team is responsible for posting the results of the match in the forum within 24 hours of it taking place; failure to do so will result in any points that they have earned in the most recent game being deducted from them.

Clause 5: After a match has been completed, Screenshots will be automatically taken of the final result page and the winning captain must post the screenshot along with the result. The losing team captain must verify the results by following up on the winning captain’s post. This procedure must be completed within 24 hours of the match taking place. Failure to do so could result in points being deducted, at the discretion of the [ICSL] Committee.

Clause 6: If there is a legitimate reason why a team failed to comply with [ICSL] screenshot regulations, then the [ICSL] Committee must be informed of the details of the situation within 24 hours. The [ICSL] Committee will be the sole judge of what constitutes a “legitimate reason”; if the Committee decides the reason is legitimate, then match points may not be deducted. If points are lost as a result of non-compliance with [ICSL] screenshot regulations and 24 hours have past without the [ICSL] Committee being informed of this situation, then no appeal to the committee will be permitted.

Clause 7: [ICSL] screenshot and score posting regulations overrule and take precedence over any previously posted regulations regarding penalties for failure to post results or submit screenshots.

Clause 8: Unless kicked form the game for any reason, all players who took part in the match must stay for the end of match screenshot to allow security and the stats compilers to see who has taken part. If a player is kicked during a match or does not show up on the screenshot his/her scores must be added to the scores post with there final score if this is not done within 24hrs the [ICSL] will remove 1 league point from each map with missing scores and players on report from the league stats compilers.

Article 2: Competition Rules

Clause 1: All matches to be played on [ICSL] Servers only.

Clause 2: All matches to played using the latest versions of the Call of Duty PC series of games. Only the Committee may change the game or game version—and this can only be done after a tournament is completed and before a new one has begun.

Clause 3: All [ICSL] matches shall be Team Death Matches (TDM).

Clause 4:
Only the sniper rifle may be used; no other weapons are allowed.

Clause 5: No Close Combat Allowed.

Clause 6: Any mod or hack used by a player that is not explicitly approved by the [ICSL] Committee will be considered cheating. Using such a hack will result in a permanent ban from the [ICSL]. The [ICSL] Committee will be the sole judge of what constitutes an illegal mod or hack.

Clause 7: Sniping can be done from prone, crouch or standing.

Clause 8: All maps played in the [ICSL] will have a defined border or centre line. NO PLAYER FROM EITHER TEAM may cross this line.

Clause 9: Roaming or relocating is legal, but is ONLY ALLOWED in crouch or in prone position. Players may relocate as much as they want.

Clause 10: Teams may use their own Team Speak, but the Team Captain must be available at the beginning of matches to verbally confer with the other team's Captain on [ICSL] Team Speak.

Clause 11: The only time a player is allowed into spectate and return is when they have become stuck on a map and cannot move, fallen in water, or spawned without a rifle. Before a player goes into spectate he or she must inform the opposing team why he or she is going into spectate. If a rifle gets shot out of a player’s hands, then he or she must retrieve it or find another rifle.

Clause 12: If a player is discovered using a glitch, then that player will be banned from the [ICSL] for the whole season no appeal will be allowed. The match will be awarded to the opposing team; 5 points will be awarded per map and an average from there bonus points. The [ICSL] Committee will be the sole judge in deciding what constitutes a map glitch.

Article 3: [ICSL] Teams

Clause 1: All teams must be comprised of a minimum of eight players, with no maximum. However, only 5 players from each team may shoot in each match. Teams may make substitutions between matches in the same round, but teams may not make substitutions in the middle of a match. If a player's PC crashes or he or she has any other kind of technical problem that prevents he or she from playing, then he or she has 15 minutes to re-enter the game without penalty. If the player cannot return to the game after 15 minutes, then the opposing team must remove a player. This procedure is the same for two, three, or four players. If a player receives a server-side kick, then the team may make a substitution. An example of a server-side kick would be the "MD5-tool mismatch." If the team has no substitutes, then after 15 minutes the opposing team must remove a player as stipulated above. Teams may begin a match with 4 players if both Team Captains are in agreement.

Clause 2: The team must name a team captain and notify [ICSL] who that team captain is. Team Captains will be placed in the Team Captain User group on the forum and be able to access the private forum section for Team Captains; this is where server passwords are posted and this is where any issues that the league team captains want to discuss may be discussed; only Team Captains may post there. One of these team captains will be appointed by the [ICSL] Committee to represent the team captains as Team Captain Representative. All teams must also name at least one vice-captain who will serve as captain in matches if the team captain is not present.

Clause 3: Each team member must be registered with the [ICSL] forum.

Clause 4: Each player must submit their IP address and GUID number to the team captain. That captain will be responsible to forward all IP/GUID’s to the [ICSL] Security Team.

Clause 5: All [ICSL] players and teams are subject to the authority of the [ICSL] Committee in all matters concerning [ICSL] competition.

Clause 6: Any player who plays for an [ICSL] team must be registered in the "Ready Up" Section of the forum. Any player found to be playing without doing this will have there score removed from the totals of that particular match. If a team is found using unregistered players more than 2 times they will have 7 points deducted from the total league score.

Clause 7: Once a player has registered for his or her team he or she is NOT allowed to play for any other team unless permission is granted by the [ICSL] Committee. Any player found playing under another name or playing for another team will be BANNED permanently from the [ICSL].

Clause 8: If a team plays no matches for 4 weeks, with no reply to forum or email messages from the [ICSL] Committee or its members, then this team will be removed from the [ICSL]. The 4 weeks will be measured from the last match, with no contact on the forum; the [ICSL] Committee will assume that the team no longer wishes to be a part of the [ICSL].

Article 4: Scheduling Matches


All play on the ICSL must be official Rounds or Matches; simply going into the server to "play" is illegal. All USE of ICSL servers must be scheduled rounds. The exception to this rule is map testing, which is limited to only the ICSL staff. Friendly matches and/or Practice sessions must be scheduled in advance and may be bumped for official live matches.

Clause 1: Go to the [ICSL] Forum Section: “Tournament Sniper Matches (Challenges)” Check and see if any teams are challenging your team or if any team has responded to a challenge of yours; if not, you may choose to challenge a team. Be sure to select COD1 or COD2.

Clause 2: Then, go to the [ICSL] Forum Section: “Tournament Sniper Matches (Challenges)” and click on “Sticky: When done, reserve a server!” Check and see what dates and times are free to be reserved. Think of this as reserving a slot at a tennis court or a golf course.

Clause 3: Then go to the [ICSL] Forum Section: “Tournament Sniper Matches (Challenges)” Make a post that contains the name of the team you are challenging (first) and then your team’s name (second). Here is the format for the subject line: "{UHS}/{TWP}." In this post, challenge the other team to a round, which is two back to back 45 minute matches. In this thread, both teams will communicate back and forth until a time and date are agreed upon by the captains. Note: The maps in the tournament are either mirrored or have been judged by the [ICSL] Committee to equal and without advantage to either team. Also, both Axis and Allied teams where the same uniforms. So, neither axis nor ally has any advantage. Team Captains merely need to agree on which team is allies and which team is axis.

Clause 4: Each round must be scheduled in a two-hour slot. If the traffic on the servers begins to get crowded the Committee will insist that the two-hour slots must be scheduled at 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00 and so on: times divisible by two; this will ensure the most efficient use of server time.  Please schedule any 10:00pm GMT matches to run from 10:00pm-11:45pm (not 12:00am) to avoid creating errors on the booking calendar.

Clause 5: Use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to schedule match times.

Clause 6: To cancel a reserved slot please post under the match challenge and a member of staff will delete the booking. You may now re-schedule a round if you wish.

Clause 7: Procedure for the rounds.

Note: Manually rotating the current map is not permitted within 15 minutes of a scheduled match so that neither team may attempt to manipulate the maps they may have to play in a match.

b) When both teams are in the map and the captains agree that both teams are ready, then one of the captains calls a vote for the NEXT MAP.
c) When both teams are in this next map and both teams are “ready up,” then the map will automatically start.
d) The 1st match begins when this map restarts. Players may begin shooting whenever they enter.
e) When this 1st match is over (45 minutes) all players enter the next map.
f) A break here is legal if there is time and both Team Captains agree.
g) When all substitutions have been made and both captains agree that their teams are ready to play again, then one of the captains calls a vote for the NEXT MAP.
h) When both teams are in this next map and both teams are “ready up,” then the map will automatically start.
i) This second match begins when the map restarts. Players may begin shooting whenever they enter.
j) The Round ends when the time runs out on the second match.

Clause 8: [ICSL] server IP addresses:

Call of Duty  Euro 1  Euro 2   USA 1

Call of Duty 2   Euro 1   Euro 2   USA 1  USA 2

Call of Duty 4  Euro 1  Euro 2 Euro 3    USA 1      USA 2

Call of Duty 5     [ICSL]Euro 1   [ICSL]Euro 2    [ICSL]USA 1

Clause 9: Teamspeak: The [ICSL] Teamspeak IP is ts30.gameservers.com:8838 . The password is snipersleague. Any issues with Teamspeak please post in the Tech Questions and Problems Section of the [ICSL] Forum and a member of staff will endeavour to answer any issues you may have.

Clause 10: All team captains must be registered on the [ICSL] Forums. The Team Captain will be placed in the Team Captain User Group and will then have access to " [ICSL] Team Captains (Discussion)" Forum section; passwords are posted in this section. The passwords must be kept private at all times and never made public in the [ICSL] Forum or any other teams’ forum.

Clause 11: Teams which have only 3 or fewer opponents left to challenge for the first time may challenge teams to a second match that they have already played. Teams which have more than 3 opponents left to challenge for the first time must challenge these teams before that can challenge to a second match teams they have already played.

Clause 12: If a team fails to play a scheduled match 2 times after the start time booked, then the opposition team can claim the win through the Appeals Panel. If this failure is proven, then 5 points will be awarded per map; and an average of there bonus points will also be added to the league score of the opposition team. The team failing to show up will be deducted tournament 1 point.

Clause 13: If a team fails to play a scheduled match 2 times after the start time booked at any time during the season and the failure is proven on the third time the rule is broken the team will be deducted 5 points and for each other offence after that the same penalty will apply.

Article 5: Player Conduct

Clause 1: All players and teams must abide by the [ICSL] Charter and [ICSL] Tournament Regulations. 

Clause 2:
No racist or similarly abusive language may be used in the in-game text messaging or voice communication on [ICSL] servers or on [ICSL] forums. No language that demeans any player in terms of race, national origin, political views, gender, sexuality or sexual preference, economic class, level of education, native language, or religious beliefs may be used in the in-game text messaging or in-game voice communication on [ICSL] servers or on [ICSL] forums. No cursing may be used in the in-game text messaging or voice communication on [ICSL] servers or on [ICSL] forums. The [ICSL] Committee will be the sole judge of what language is “demeaning” in the above stated terms and what is to be considered “cursing.” 

Clause 3: No [ICSL] player or team may accuse another [ICSL] player or team of cheating or imply that any other player or team is using an unfair advantage; this restriction applies to in-game text messaging and voice communications, as well as on the [ICSL] forums. Violating these speech restrictions may result in un-sportsman-like conduct penalties. Penalties for un-sportsman-like conduct will be at the discretion of the [ICSL] Committee. Any accusations of this kind must be made through the [ICSL] Security Team. Any concerns must be sent via pm on the [ICSL] forum to the Security Team member(s). 

Clause 4: All [ICSL] team members must conduct themselves with sportsmanship and civility.

Clause 5: No [ICSL] player or [ICSL] team may threaten or imply that the player or the team will quit the [ICSL] unless the [ICSL] Committee takes a specific action; this restriction applies to in-game text messaging and voice communications, as well as on the [ICSL] forums and PMs to the Committee or its individual members. Violating these speech restrictions may result in un-sportsman-like conduct penalties for the individual player or the team. Penalties for un-sportsman-like conduct will be at the discretion of the [ICSL] Committee. The [ICSL] Committee will always make its decisions objectively based upon what the Committee decides is best for the entire league.


© [ICSL] 2005 All Rights Reserved

(Revised 2011)

Copyright © by International Cyber Snipe League All Right Reserved.

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