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09/24/2017 - 09/24/2017
HKS vs WES cod4 serv 1
09/24/2017 - 09/24/2017
{UHS} v =CS= Sept 24th 5-7pm GMT
10/01/2017 - 10/01/2017
HKS vs TWP cod4 server 1
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USA COD4 [ICSL] Server 1

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Im Memory of Livewire .. Vince Mancuso Jr

We recently learned that one of our dearest friends.. a true gentleman who was part of the community that helped spark the vision of the [ICSL] take form, and who later became a member of the {UST} team that helped carry the League forward, passed away a few months ago in a tragic car accident. Our sincere thanks to {UST}TAP and {UST}Grimmy for reaching out.

LIVEWIRE .. Vince Mancuso, Jr. http://vincentmancusojr.com/obituary/

We post this with the heaviest of hearts. LIVE was from the very beginning one of those guys, like so many of us, that made playing "the game" make perfect sense when others around us scratched their heads as to why doing so was so important to us.

I had the pleasure, personally, to meet Vince on a trip through Baltimore a few years ago. That visit cemented him in my heart and mind as one of the many true friends and brothers I have gained over the past 10+ years of playing "the game".

I have thought of little else since learning of his passing-- but I have also spent that time remembering what a good and decent guy -- not to mention one of the best snipers who ever played with and against us -- Vince was.

For me, the loss is heartbreaking. I, and I am sure most of us who started the [ICSL], never imagined the League would carry on long enough to know the loss of any of its members. For the [ICSL] and all of us, the loss, while unspeakably sad, illustrates the incredible life that we have all breathed into the [ICSL] at some point along the journey.

On behalf of all of us, we mourn your loss, Vince, and we celebrate your life, befttingly nicknamed LIVE!

Rest in Peace! You are sorely missed.


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