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2014 Season 9 Starting Soon!

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Season 9! Congrats to all who have helped make it happen!


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=CS= Ready up
Last post by =CS=Greenfox in Team Ready Up - COD4 on 09/28/2014 12:37 pm
Sniper Elite 3
Last post by wawa65 in General (Whatever--Except Whining) on 09/21/2014 01:23 am
Search a Team :-)
Last post by CPO_Sharkey in Want to Join an [ICSL] Team? on 09/20/2014 07:42 pm
CUP draws
Last post by QuadsDad in Committee Forum (Viewing ONLY) on 09/12/2014 02:34 pm
{WST} Team
Last post by RustySherrif in Team Ready Up - COD4 on 09/08/2014 04:22 am
Back after many years....
Last post by {CSC}Dima in Want to Join an [ICSL] Team? on 09/05/2014 07:43 pm
ASU Ready up
Last post by RustySherrif in Team Ready Up - COD4 on 09/03/2014 03:52 pm
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